Floc and How to Use It  

by Pool Builders on 03-13-2013 in Articles

Whenever your pool has turned green with algae, the water needs to get a heavy shock. This heavy shock is going to kill the algae and the pool's water is going to loose its green color and turn cloudy. The reason for this is that the chlorophyll (the chemical that makes the algae green) has been burnt out by the chlorine shock, but the algae carcass is still within the pool's water making it appear cloudy. You can run your pump 24 hours a day for a few more days to clear the water up, but if you are in a hurry to clean the water, then Floc is the chemical you will need.

What Floc does is make the contamination within the pool's water more dense and allows it to sink to the bottom of the pool so that you can vacuum out the cloudiness.

Here is how to use Floc:

Fill your pool's water level to the maximum height (to the very top of the skimmer opening)
Pour the required amount of Floc within the pool's water.
Run your pump for 2-3 hours to allow the Floc to circulate throughout the pool.
Turn the pump off and allow the water to sit overnight.
When you wake up in the morning the pool's water will be clear with a milky film on the bottom of the pool.
Hook up your vacuum system and prepare to vacuum the milkiness out.
Place your filter (if you are using a sand filter ONLY, cartridge and DE filter vacuum as normal) on the "Pump to Waste" setting (this will vacuum the milkiness straight out of the backwash port of the filter, because if you run your sand filter on the "Filter" setting, the milkiness will go through the filter and right back into the pool)
Vacuum the pool as normal, but be sure not to vacuum to fast or you will stir up the milkiness. (this is normal and usually you will have to vacuum the pool twice to completely remove the milkiness)
IF THIS HAPPENS, turn the pump off and let the milkiness settle for a few hours and vacuum again. Floc stays in the water for about 24 hours.

Floc is best used when you are in a big hurry or you have a pool party the next day and you want to clear the pool as soon as possible. I would recommend only flocing in this situation and is there is no hurry to clear the pool, then just let the pump run until the pool water is clear.

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