Florida Vacation Rental - Save on your Disney World Vacation  

by Pool Builders on 06-17-2007 in Articles

Over the past few years many people have discovered that a great way to save money on a family vacation is to rent an Orlando vacation home. There are now many homes to choose from to suit everyone, whatever they are looking for - from a 1 bed condo to an 8 bedroom luxury home. Here are some of the advantages of a Florida vacation rental home compared to staying in a hotel room:

1.It can be significantly cheaper than a hotel room. A large family would book more than one hotel room, so the savings are very significant.

2.There is much more space. A typical 5 bed Orlando vacation home would average around 2200 square feet - many times the size of a hotel room. Often homes have at least 2 master suites. Sharing a hotel room can be very stressful with children. With a rental home you can all have your own room, and often your own bathroom too!

3.You may have your own private swimming pool and perhaps a spa. There is nothing that can compare with this in a hotel room. Hotel pools can be fun, but just imagine stepping outside your door to your private pool.

4.You save a lot of money and time on meals. This is often overlooked when thinking about comparing costs of hotels and vacation homes. Even an inexpensive breakfast for a family of 4 can run to $30. All you need in your vacation home is a box of cereal, some juice and coffee! Multiply this saving over 7 days and you have saved potentially hundreds of dollars. It is also much easier to prepare and save snacks for the parks adding to your savings. By eating breakfast at your vacation home you can arrive at the parks earlier and will find it much easier to see more of the attractions.

5.Many vacation homes have excellent resort facilities which are comparable to expensive hotels. Some, have community pools, cyber cafes, clubhouses, movie theaters, children's pools and playgrounds, convenience stores, tennis and fully equipped gyms.

6.You have a washer and dryer in your home. Laundry fees can add up - so this can be a significant cost saving. Also of course it is much more convenient to do your laundry in your home than have to use the hotel facility.

7.Parking is free and outside your door!

8.Many homes have free internet access and free international phone calls. Many hotels now charge a resort fee, and the bill for internet access and calls can add up to a huge amount.

Wherever you decide to stay - enjoy your visit!

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