Foam Pool Float - Tempting the Waters With an Unsinkable Pool Float

by Pool Builders on 08-11-2010 in Articles

You are heading for the pool this weekend and it is imperative that you look cool relaxing on the waters sipping a glass of cocktail atop a foam pool float. You have seen one of these floating toys at your last pool outing and they really look fun and luxurious.

The wonderful thing about a foam pool float is that it is made from closed cell foam which means that even if you accidentally puncture the float the foam will not soak with water and will always float. This is why these are also known as unsinkable floats.

Being the prudent buyer you are, you know that hasty purchases often result in hasty regrets. Let us run through a very quick check on the features and factors (i hate to use this term) involved with the impending purchase of this wonderful pool aid.

It comes in an assortment of form and frills to lure your credit card out of your wallet:

- they can be ergonomically-designed such that the float contours and supports your body. Some foam pool floats even has a ergonomic pillow that helps cradle your head and neck for cushioning support.

- they can come with features like fade-proof and being stain-resistant making it easy to clean and maintain.

- they can have useful designs in the form of an upright chair at the push of a button, a lounger with drink holders and armrests attached or even an on-board cooler that stores cans and ice.

If you are someone who likes slim and sleek designs, the sunray foam pool floats have a fantastic slim design that boasts the thinnest and lightest unsinkable float around.

The problem with going for slim and lightness is that float might not be able to take an adult's weight. Adults who weight on the heavier side might find such pool floats flimsy and uncomfortable. My suggestion would be to buy slim form factor floats for kids, teenagers or if you are of lower than average weight.

A couple more factors to consider before you buy your own foam pool float are:

- pay consideration to the size of the pool that you are going to use it on. If the pool size is small, using one which comes with a pillow, armrests and drink holder might look too extravagant and impede the swimming experience of other swimmers.

- decide if you really want to just relax in a pool float and read a book or sip a drink. If your intention is to jump into a pool and swim away then don't waste your money on buying a foam pool float.

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