Fold Up Above Ground Pool Ladders - Stop Kids in Their Tracks  

by Pool Builders on 08-18-2008 in Articles

Once you make the decision to have a swimming pool installed in your backyard, you must begin to come to terms with the amount of inherent danger that is involved. Pool drownings are much like cancer in that everyone thinks that it can't happen to them. However; if you own a swimming pool, your pool is as deadly as any other when it come to the potential for drownings.

Multiple Layers of Security

This has led more pool owners to approach pool security in levels. That is, that a fence alone just isn't enough but rather it forms the first perimeter level of their pool security system. Then they might have some type affordable electrical monitoring system that uses sensors to sound the alarm if a child should climb the fence and enter their yard.

Stops Kids in Their Tracks

Perhaps the easiest and most affordable layer of pool security that can be installed, is a folding above ground pool ladder that stops a child from getting up to the pools edge. You have to have a ladder anyway and for only a few dollars more you can make it a safety ladder. Simply fold it down when you are ready for a swim and fold it up when you are through.

Highly Effective Gate Barrier

Once it is folded up, the ladder rungs function as a type of gate barrier that prevent any children climbing through. Also, the smooth functioning, easy to use latch mechanism is far up and out of reach of a child. So, while kids just love to climb on ladders, this is one ladder that they wont be climbing up.

Taking Responsibility

Pool security isn't an option, you simply have to address it. While electrical monitoring systems are impenetrable, they can be expensive to purchase and have installed. However; by installing an affordable folding above ground pool ladder, you can rest assured that you have done your part by installing an effective multi layered pool security system in your backyard.

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