For Your Health - Covering Up At The Beach  

by Pool Builders on 09-18-2011 in Articles

Out of all of the different options that we tend to have available for recreation, many of them are going to revolve around water. It doesn't matter if you are going to the local pool or if you are going to be at a lake or even at the beach, there is always going to be something fun about such an outing. Unfortunately, there can also be many different dangers that are involved in this type of recreation, particularly when children are involved. These statistics are rather sobering, with almost 1000 children dying on an annual basis because of drowning, many of them in home swimming pools. Keeping your child safe, therefore, should always be a priority and here are some things that should always be kept in mind.

Although it really should go without saying, supervision is always going to need to be a priority when you have your children around water. This is not only true when you're out at the local pool, but it is also true in the bathtub. Do not allow your attention to wander in any of these cases, but also give attention to things around the home that could lead to difficulties as well. These would include a toilet bowl, sinks and even small inflatable pools.

Teaching your child how to swim can also be invaluable and although it is generally recommended that a four-year-old understand how to swim, it never hurts for younger children to learn as well. This is especially the case if you have a pool. Not only can it help to save your child but it can go a long way in giving you peace of mind. Please keep in mind, just because a young child knows how to swim that doesn't necessarily mean that they are out of danger. Always be sure that you are within arm's reach anytime water is involved.

It is not only these serious problems that need to be considered when you are around water for you also need to consider the health of your child as well. For example, making sure that they are not getting too much sun is something that is going to be a constant battle on your part. There are some swim shirts available for boys and girls which provide UV protection while at the same time, providing them protection against skin damage for the more active child. These would include shirts that have a rash guard built in.

One other thing that I would like for you to consider is that regardless of the weather, it is important for your child to remain hydrated. If they are around water, you may not consider this as much as if they were in a dryer area but dehydration can take place in either way. Have them drink fluids regularly, particularly when they are sweating or out in the sun. This can help to keep them healthy, happy and comfortable while they are enjoying a day with you outdoors.

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