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Although most children enjoy swimming as a fun activity and find it exciting many begin as being very afraid of the water. If your child is afraid of the water, don't worry, such hesitation is a very normal reaction for many children and there are tried and true methods that will help your child move from being afraid to being very at home and safe in the water. With Fort Lauderdale Swimming we are dedicated to provide excellent results in the water.

What follows are tips on how to begin the process and are exactly the steps we follow when conducting beginning swimming lesions. These steps are in a logical sequence and are designed to reinforce a sense of accomplishment as each step is successfully completed.

Step #1 is to familiarize your child with the feeling of getting their face wet. In our baby swimming lessons we do this by teaching how to blow bubbles. We carry out these first experiences in the shallow end of the pool so the child doesn't become anxious and distracted by the depth of the water.

Step #2 is for the child to learn how to duck their head completely under the water. This is the step that introduces the water as something very different than what they are used to and should be handled carefully. In our swimming lesions, the best success is for us to go right under with them. Because we are still holding them at this point, the child still has an anchor to hold on to. Some swimming instructors use the "doll technique" where the child holds their breath while they hold a doll underwater and then bring the doll back up when they need to breathe again. While this has some merit, the child can quite easily become distracted with the toy and lose focus on what you are attempting to teach them.

Step #3 is teaching the child how to lie on top of the water to be able to really swim. Our technique is to teach them how to float on their back and then turn over and begin moving their arms and legs to move themselves along. Support the child by placing your hands on their stomachs and help them move forward as they start to learn the strokes.

Step #4 is to teach jumping into the water from the side and then swimming back to the wall. This is the basic water safety step that all children should know should they ever fall into a pool accidentally.

Once you reach this step your child will have developed a confidence level that they are no longer afraid of the water and will be having fun. From here other swimming strokes can be more easily taught as well as other aspects of swimming such as diving techniques.

We strongly recommend all children be taught water safety and basic swim techniques as early as possible. Especially here in Fort Lauderdale, with all the pools, beaches, and canals, there is always a body of water nearby that can become a death trap for a child who hasn't been trained on how to survive should an accident occur. Visit us a">Fort Lauderdale Swimming

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