Fortina Hotel and Sliema  

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Sliema, a city situated on the north east coast of Malta is a great centre for shopping, restaurants and caf© life. The city is also a major commercial and residential area and houses several of Malta's most modern hotels. Sliema literally means 'peace, comfort' and was once a tranquil fishing village on the peninsula across Marsamxett Harbour from Valletta. These days Sliema and the coastline up to St.Julians' comprise of Malta's main coastal resort; as a result, Silema has been ringed with modern living spaces. Sliema's brash and continuous night life makes it a great stay for tourists and visitors alike bringing together the old and new populous into one international and friendly conglomerate of interesting things to do and see. The number of cafes and shops patronised by locals from all over Malta as well as tourists is vast and one can always find them a suitable place to dine out.
It was a commercial centre of ferries and in the days before routine bus services, these Ferries used to connect Valletta to Sliema. Nowadays the Harbour Cruises and the tours of Gozo set off from there. Even today a Ferry runs to Valletta. Some of the gorgeous houses that have been built along the sea front were demolished and new apartments have been constructed. You will notice closer into the town you will still see many of the town's authentic houses which are under preservation. The majority of the history in Sliema stems from the Churches, of which are many.
The many shops, rocky beaches and entertainment establishments and the lengthy sea front Promenade with a number of bars and restaurants have plenty of accommodative seating strewn along. With a number of lido's and Water Polo clubs that offer all amenities and a large swimming pool to Malta's many visitors is included. The Sliema promenade has stunning views of Valletta on one side with an open sea view on the other. Also, along the Promenade you'll see a wonderful view of the Mediterranean. With an advantage of a good bus service with direct busses to the majority of interesting places.
In the summer and winter, whole families congregate on the Sea front for a relaxing and leisurely afternoon and evening. Especially you will find that the amount of locals use these places as meeting points. The Sea front is exceptionally beautifully located that one can see the wave's crash against the rocks beneath and all in all it stands for a wonderful view of the sea in those heavily windy days.
In particular the winter period is often a good place for the British to come and usually the elderly find Sliema good for that long stay in some of the 4 star Malta hotels. With an enjoyment of mingling with the locals and within the many cafes, pubs and bars.
Sliema, a joining with St. Julian's share a vast array and the majority of all the hotel properties within Malta and is considered to be in an area with an elected and cosmopolitan feel for all who visit.
With the mixture of old and new, Sliema is certainly a great place to see for all and with the Fortina hotel located in one of the most perfect places to visit.

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