Four Benefits of Swimming to Pregnant Women  

by Pool Builders on 12-18-2010 in Articles

A pregnant woman needs proper care both physically and emotionally. The baby inside her tummy also needs the same care as what the mother requires. One of the most important factors in having a healthy pregnancy is the food intake. Eating nutritious foods particularly vegetables and fruits improves the development of the baby as well as strengthens the resistance of the mother.

Taking essential vitamins also keeps both the mother and the baby healthy. It boosts the immune system of the mother to combat all the infections and viruses and to avoid getting sick. In addition to that, a pregnant woman also needs to do exercise. And one effective exercise for pregnant women is swimming.

  1. Improves blood circulation

Proper blood circulation is very important during pregnancy. During the second and third trimesters, abnormal blood circulation sometimes occurs. This is the common cause of cramps or the sudden stiffening of the leg muscles, which can be very painful. Swimming exercise helps improve the blood circulation for a healthier pregnancy. Just make sure that your pool is safe to use by adding up chlorine tablets.

Strengthens the heart and lungs

Having a healthy heart and lungs is necessary for every individual most especially for the pregnant women. Regular swimming during pregnancy strengthens the heart and lungs that is necessary to achieve a normal delivery.

Strengthens the major muscles

Cramp is a condition being experienced by pregnant women. This is due to weak muscle and contractions, which cause the leg muscles to stiffen. This is very painful especially when you lack in fiber that is very important in the proper function of the major muscles.

Regular swimming, at least one hour a day strengthens the muscles as well as the joints to prevent the occurrence of cramps. You can also do a little stretching in the pool steps. Just make sure to do it very carefully.

Prevents excessive weight gain

During pregnancy, an expecting mother should avoid one thing, weight gain. Excessive weight gain is very dangerous especially during the second and third trimesters. Eclampsia is one of the consequences of excessive weight gain, which is a life-threatening complication characterized by the appearance tonic-clonic seizures.

Always remember that during pregnancy two lives are at risk. It is very necessary to maintain the healthy and fit body most especially of the mother because the good condition of the baby depends in how well the mother manages her health. Swimming regularly is the most effective way to achieve these things.

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