Four Common Dangers in Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 12-09-2010 in Articles

We all know that swimming pools can provide a lot of fun for the kids. But we also know the fact that swimming pools can be silent killers. Here are four of the most common dangers in the swimming pool.

Algae in Aging Decks

As the deck surfaces of the pool starts to age, it will start to develop algae and become slippery. This is very dangerous during wet conditions. As a remedy to prevent this from happening, pressure wash the deck every year. This will prevent the chances of falling or slipping on a pool deck. You can also add silica sand to your concrete sealer to make the deck's surface more slip resistant.

Stairs and Ladders

As far as pools are concerned, stairs and ladders can be common places for injury. To help define the step edges under water, colored nosing tiles can be very helpful to accentuate the step edges of your pool. This is very helpful to help guide swimmers when in the pool. But these colored tiles are less effective during the night where the chances of having an injury are high. At night, it is advised to have an underwater pool light to illuminate the water.

Meanwhile, ladders have hand rails and these can become loose over time. When the ladder rails shift while climbing out of the pool, this is a great cause for a disaster.


We all know that water, electricity, and people are a very dangerous combination. Hence, proper electrical wiring for your pool is very essential for your safety. It is strongly suggested that lights, pumps, and all other electrical devices that come into contact with water should be properly connected with ground fault interrupter (GFIC).

Water Quality

Bacteria can be present in your swimming pool and this can cause infections and diseases. Never underestimate a slight change in color of your water. Remember that harmful bacteria can thrive in a water that is not properly maintained. Make sure to keep the water quality suitable for swimming. By ensuring that the quality of water is safe, you will prevent infections of the throat, ears, eyes, nose, and even skin allergies.

In summary, these four common dangers should be monitored all the time. You do not want your swimming pool to be a silent killer. Protect your children and make your pool a safe place all the time.

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