Four Dangers Associated With Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 12-09-2010 in Articles

You well know that there are dangers associated with the ownership of a swimming pool. This article will feature 4 common dangers that increase the risks of accidents in a pool. These four dangers are pool covers, toys, slides, and diving boards.

Pool Covers

Winter covers are large tarps used to cover the pool during the winter season. These tarps are pinned down at the edges by sand bags. Because these materials are only made up of light materials, these covers cannot support a heavy weight when someone walks on it. This can eventually lead to potential drowning especially with kids or pets.


Toys like floating devices and boats may seem to add fun in one's pool. But this can add the chances of getting an injury. This is due to the fact that most of these toys may not be suitable for the use in pools. Using floating toys may lead to serious accidents when these devices flip over. Leave them to the beach as much as possible.

Pool Slides

Slides are great additions to your pool. This can add fun but this can come as an added risk for children too. Pool slides are one of the most common causes of accidents in the pool. Common sense would dictate that pool slides only add the risk of potential accidents. This had led many parents to get rid of slides in most of their swimming pools.

Diving Boards

The diving board is perhaps the most dangerous addition to your pool. It has to be noted that most swimming pools are not deep enough for a diving board. Hence, installing one would only risk your guests and children to a possible head trauma. This is particularly high with pools with less than nine feet deep. For common pools in most households, the pools are less than nine feet deep.

It is best to remove the diving board from the pool. It is also strongly recommended to have a no diving policy in your pool too. Doing these moves will minimize the chances of accident or injury in your pool.


In conclusion, you have to be careful of the four common dangers in the swimming pool as mentioned above. As an owner, you have to take responsibility of minimizing the risk factors with your facility. Make sure to check these four dangers and follow the tips provided to keep your home a safe environment for your children.

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