Four Effective Maintenance Tips on Pool Filters

by Pool Builders on 03-22-2010 in Articles

Swimming pools will not be clean without the untiring job of pool filters. These filters are vital in the system of your pools. There are three filters used in the pool that solve issues in your pool water, starting from filtering small dirt to clearing the water's appearance.

Following any of these tips will help in maintaining your filters in good shape. You may also add these works in your pool maintenance chores, if you like.

Tip #1: cleaning sand filters

Back flushing is the only technique you can do in cleaning your sand filters and should be done once a month. Clean the crushed sand filter by back flushed water in the system. If you don't know how to reverse the water flow in your pump, refer to the instructions manual of your system's pump. This way, debris will be cleaned inside the sand pool filter.

Tip #2: replacing sands inside the filter

Sand filters must be replaced every three to four years; this depends on the amount of debris being caught and kind of contaminants the sand filters have encountered. If you are planning to replace your sand filter, choose the latest filter model for efficient filtering job.

Tip #3: replacing d.E. Minerals

Diatomaceous earth filter is also known as the polisher of your pool water. This is true because the earth elements stored inside the filter are responsible in collecting dirt. Replace the earth minerals inside your diatomaceous earth filter twice or thrice a year. The importance of replacing the earth elements is to ensure that your d.E. Filters will strain even the smallest dirt found in your water. Replacement of earth elements will also maximize the efficiency of grid-structured system in the filter.

Tip #4: cleaning the filter cartridges

Backwashing is a preventive maintenance in removing the clogs on the filter medium. Backwash method is the popular way of cleaning out debris between the pleats of cartridges. This cleaning technique must only be done frequently to prevent the pleats from damaging. Another way of cleaning cartridges is soaking them in a filter cleaning solution. If a filter cleaner is unavailable in retail stores, use the internet in finding one. This filter cleaner usually falls on pool cleaners category.

Cleaning your pool filter is important just like the pool cleaning job you always do in your facility. If you haven't checked your filter's condition, better rush yourself in your backyard and do some little check up on them.

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