Four Patio Furniture Choices For Lounging by the Pool

by Pool Builders on 08-14-2009 in Articles

Do you have a swimming pool, or are you thinking about getting one?

Imagine cooling off on a hot summer's day by splashing around in the deep blue of your very own backyard. Or perhaps you want a smaller, shallower above ground pool for the kids to enjoy until school starts back.

If you have the means to install one and the time to enjoy it, then who could honestly blame you for adding your very own swimming pool? After all, it can work wonders for family time and summer fun.

Regardless of where you are in the process, or what your motivation is, you will want the right patio furniture for those moments when you are not soaking wet! Here are four options that make your poolside area perfect for summer relaxation:

St Lucia Steamer

The first of three teak wood patio furniture options that will have you lounging in style, the St Lucia Steamer features a lightly stained teak wood material, dense but comfortable with fully reclined positioning for hours of relaxation and years of durability. Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen handy because you will not want to get up once you experience the comforts of the St Lucia.

Prada Lounger

Teak wood patio furniture option number two, the Prada Lounger has a boxy look and a golden brown tan we all aspire to during those summer months. It is adjustable for your comfort and promises the same thickness and comfort you will get from the St Lucia. Definitely a good option for spending your summer in style with a non-trendy look that will be just as reliable several years from now as it is today!

Nevis Steamer Wheel

Teak wood patio furniture option number three, and the last in this series, the Nevis Steamer Wheel looks as if it could be pulled directly from the deck of a pirate ship. Set a nautical tone for the rest of your summer with a set of Nevis Steamer Wheel chairs and never doubt the levels of comfort and sturdiness you will be receiving for your money. One of the most stylish looking of all patio furniture pieces, and a delight to use!

Yangoon Lounger

A cheaper option that does not skimp on the comfort, the Yangoon Lounger is a fashionable, attractive piece of plastic patio furniture that invites you to laze around the pool for extended periods of time. Its darker design and sloping contours give the Yangoon Lounger an almost futuristic feel even as it delivers on the same level of comfort and timeless appeal that you can expect from its sturdier, yet more expensive counterparts.

Good patio furniture turns your poolside area into a place the entire family can enjoy no matter how active or inactive they choose to be. With a variety of affordable options, you can perfect your tan or rest after a hard swim in style. With added comfort and durability, acquiring the right patio furniture is an essential part of the summertime experience.

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