Four Things to Consider Before Buying a Pool Water Heater That Could Save You a Lot of Trouble

by Pool Builders on 03-30-2010 in Articles

Pool heaters are a great way to ensure that you can continue to enjoy your pool even after the summer has come and gone, or even during summer nights for a romantic couple swim, but with so many products on the market it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Here you will find information on some different types, so you can make up your mind without making any expensive mistakes.

Heat pumps

One type of pool water heater is the pool heat pump. This works by circulating the water from the pool through the mechanism and compressing it, thereby heating it and returning it to the pool. This is a very cheap way of heating your pool, as it only takes a small amount of electricity to operate the pump. However, it can take some time to heat the pool completely, especially with larger pools.

Electric and gas heaters

These types of pool heaters work much quicker, so you won't have to wait long for your swim. A gas heater is the fastest way to heat your pool's water, but can be quite expensive to run. And electric heater is also quite fast and is cheaper to run than a gas heater but not as cheap as a heat pump.

Good craftsmanship

Pool water heaters undergo a lot of wear and tear, so you should buy a product from a reputable manufacturer to make sure you will get something guaranteed to last, with waterproof construction and reliable parts.

Which companies to choose?

Some well known companies with good reputations include Raypak, Hayward and Intex. These companies offer good warranties on their products and are often easy to install.

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