Four pool supply "splurges" that are actually smart investments   

by Pool Builders on 04-09-2012 in Articles

There are plenty of pool supplies that are labeled as €splurges.€ However, some supplies that may be considered unnecessary by some could actually be great investments for your swimming pool:

Automation controllers. These are sometimes called chemical management systems because they do exactly that€"these controllers monitor chemical balance and even administer chemicals so that your pool is perfectly balanced. How much time, effort, and money do you spend correcting imbalances or even just doing regular chemical maintenance? Well, this machine does all of that for you. One of the real advantages of this is that continuously balanced pH means that your sanitizer is more effective and your pool will work better overall. There are many other aspects of pool maintenance that rely on having a perfect balance. Imagine never having to clear up pesky algae or play the guessing game trying to shock away cloudy water. You could spend all that time, well, actually swimming.

Specialty chemicals. Many pool owners think that they have chemicals pushed on them that aren't necessary, and this is partially true. However, there are many chemicals that aren't necessarily essential but could be seen as a good investment because of their preventative qualities. For example, rust and scale remover can be used to prevent rust and scale along with treating existing buildup and filter cartridge rinses can help cartridges last longer.

Solar blankets & reels. Solar blankets are an especially smart investment if you live in a climate that's warm during fall and spring but not warm enough in which to swim. Solar covers can make your pool around fifteen degrees warmer. You've got to think about how you're paying to maintain your pool year-round, but when the water's too cold, you're not using it year-round. Solar covers can help you get the most out of your money and use the sun's free energy, so it's a smart move if you don't feel you need a heater. One of the drawbacks to solar blankets is that they can get difficult to put on, take off, and store, but this problem can be solved with a reel. Reels come in automated and manual models. All you'll have to do is press a button or turn the reel and your work is done.

Spa steps and handrails. These products allow for safer entry and exits from spas. Getting out of the spa especially can get slippery and presents a falling hazard, and an unbalanced entry can risk injury as well. Safety features of pool and spa supplies are especially important because falling in or around water is a drowning danger, too. Add-on steps and handrails are easy to install and some steps even come with built-in storage.

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