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by Pool Builders on 06-29-2011 in Articles

Free Swim Workouts can be found in tons of different places online and offline. You just have to know where to look. The easiest is to check your bulletin board at the local pool. Sometime they post their workouts for marketing or for their members that have missed a practice. Here are some other pointers on finding your workouts.

First, online is one of the easiest places to get workouts. There thousands of swim team, masters swimming team sites that post their workouts. You just have to know which ones to go to. That takes some time and research. You can go to the USA Swimming website to find swim teams website where they might post workouts for their age group or senior athletes. There are probably only a few casual teams that post as the competition between coaches and team is fierce. Or you can go to the US Masters website and search for teams who post their workout (this might be easier than on a youth swim team site).

The downfall of searching for workouts on a swim teams website is you really won't know the objective of the workout and how it should be swam.

A better bet for finding Free Swim workouts [] is in forums. Forums are a place where people come together to discuss similar topics. Find a swimming workout forum and cruise through the posts. They will definitely have a workout topic. Once you find a great forum, read the post, and also for clarity read the comments. What are other people talking about. What are their questions or how to they like the workout. If you have confused you can post your own questions. Forums are a great place for meeting friends with similar interests.

Finally, the best place to get free swim workouts is from a coach. Find someone who is willing to give you their workouts. Maybe not free but for a trade for your service (are you a marketer, personal trainer, or sport enthusiast)? Can you donate some of your time? These will be tailored towards you and you will have someone to talk through your questions and discuss your training.

Coming from a professional swim coach…instead of looking for some free swim workouts just pay someone. You can find a service online for cheap, or a coach for a little more.

Good luck in your workouts. Swim Fast, Swim Safe, Have Fun!

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