Frequently asked crazy questions about dehumidifiers   

by Pool Builders on 08-14-2011 in Articles

As a dehumidifier expert with over 30 years' experience, I am often asked some strange questions.

I've been asked in which ways people can use the water from which the dehumidifier collects moisture from the air. For example I was asked if you can use this excess water to water your plants and will you make your plants live longer?

In this instance, yes you can! In fact, it's a great idea. The moisture that the dehumidifier collects is from the atmosphere, whether it's from a room in your house your garage or your basement doesn't actually matter because in essence it is all condensation from the air outside. It is actually exactly the same water as rain water.

Also, as the water is coming from the atmosphere it doesn't contain any harmful pesticides. There is no chloride, fluoride or any of those other elements that you find in tap water.

There are a few ways you can water your plants using the water collected by the dehumidifier. You can simply empty the bucket when it becomes full and put it straight over your plants, or you can use the hosepipe adapter which means, based on the amount of moisture you need to remove from the air in your room, basement or garage, you will not even have to remove the water bucket.

The moisture will simply seep through the hosepipe straight onto your plants.

If you use the hosepipe that comes with your dehumidifier, remember the laws of gravity. The hosepipe always needs to be moving down towards the plants.

This is a real win-win situation, you get to remove the damp issue from your home and you all so get to water your plants saving on water costs and helping the environment.

I have also been asked if you can use the water collected by dehumidifier for your swimming pool.

Once again, yes you can and in fact this is a really good idea! As I mentioned earlier the water the dehumidifier collects is in essence rainwater which is perfectly fine for a swimming pool.

You must check though, that you are not using a chemical dehumidifier as in this case the water would be no good for your plants or swimming pool.

Once again, simply empty the water buckets when they become full or you can use the hose pipe adapter that comes with most good dehumidifiers so the dehumidifier water drains straight into the swimming pool.

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