Frugal Swimming Pool Cleaning

by Pool Builders on 11-13-2011 in Articles

A revolutionary approach to pool cleaning is now available which works on the premise that it is cheaper to clean the pool from the surface with free solar energy than from the bottom with expensive electricity.

Messy pools start with debris; leaves, twigs, flowers, grass cuttings, dust, pollens, seeds, pet hair, and garbage being blown into the pool. It mostly floats on the surface for a couple of hours before becoming water-logged and sinking to the bottom where it decomposes. The bacteria brought into the pool by the debris interacts with the organic material, sunlight and water to produce algae growth.

This is where the traditional approach to pool cleaning starts. Bottom cleaners scour the sides and bottom of the pool, sucking the debris into a collection basket of some sort. Sometimes that basket is at the pump. Sometimes it floats on the surface of the pool as an insert in the hose that runs from the basket to the pump. The pump must be running for these to work so most people run the pump during the night when off-peak electricity is available. Another type of bottom cleaner is an electric robot which crawls the sides and bottom of the pool, cleaning it in a multi-hour cycle. The key word here is 'electric'.

Removing the debris from the surface makes all kinds of sense and cents. Afternoon storms are mostly responsible for the debris blown into a pool. Late afternoon and early evening are the periods when most folk want to swim in or just gaze at their sparkling clean pool. Coming home from work to a debris-strewn pool means one more task - hand skimming the pool - before you can settle into your evening.

A solar-powered robotic skimmer can work all day using free solar energy to remove the debris from the surface, before it sinks. With less debris on the bottom, you don't have to run that bottom cleaner as often. That means less electricity being consumed and less wear and tear on your bottom cleaner.

The pool pump can take a break also. You DO need to run your pump daily to circulate the water (and to generate salt if you have a salt system) however you don't need to run it as long if you have less decomposition and less algae to control. Removing the debris from the surface before it decomposes means less algae growth in your pool. With a solar-powered robotic skimmer, you can reduce the pool pump's runtime by as much as two-thirds.

Since afternoon storms often run into the evening, a solar-powered robotic pool skimmer will switch to battery power when the sun goes down. This battery is also solar-powered. It charges all day from the solar panels.

By cleaning from the surface, the pool owner experiences the following benefits:

- Cleaner: 90-95% less debris on the bottom

- Sanitized: Less decomposition and less algae

- Sanitized: The solar-powered robotic skimmer distributes chlorine as it operates.

- More Natural: Reduced need for algaecides

- Cheaper: One half to two thirds less pump run-time (electricity)

- Cheaper: Significant reduction in the need to bottom/side clean (electricity)

- Cheaper: Less wear and tear on pump and cleaning equipment (repairs)

Cleaning the pool from the surface with free solar energy is definitely cheaper than cleaning from the bottom. The results are a sparkling clean pool with significantly lower energy costs.

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