Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Your Chicago Teen  

by Pool Builders on 05-24-2012 in Articles

Gone are the days when a small cake and a couple colorful balloons were sufficient enough to please a kid on their birthday. Planning your child's birthday party can be tough, especially if he or she is a teenager. When planning a birthday celebration for your teen, it's important to add a little variety to the annual hoorah by implementing fun ideas and activities that your teen and all of his or her friends can enjoy.

One of the most important things parents should remember is that your teen's friends are seemingly the most important priorities in your teen's life at the moment. Keep this in mind when planning your kid's party as you can explore party options that incorporate social aspects like attending a sporting event or Broadway show, or escaping for a weekend to a one of the pool suites Chicago hotels offer.

Celebrating a birthday at a sporting event can be fun for teens and adults alike. Talk with your child about what kind of event they'd like to attend and decide on a time when all of his or her friends are available. Perhaps plan a weekend getaway in Illinois if the sporting event is late at night. You may want to keep this type of party intimate, as you'll have to pay for all the tickets. Also, feel free to expand beyond just a football or basketball game. Think about taking your kid to the X games, a ski race or a different obscure sporting event.

If sports aren't your teen's thing, musicals or theatrical performances are events that most anyone can enjoy. Plan to take your teen and his or her friends on a weekend getaway in Chicago and spend one of the nights on the town. If your teen is even remotely interested in music or acting, he or she will love to go see a Broadway show. First, make dinner reservations at a restaurant of your teen's choosing and tell the hostess that it's your kid's birthday. Sometimes the restaurant will throw in a free dessert with festive birthday candles. Then make your way to the show. Be sure to save the playbill and take many photos of your teen and his or her friends for good scrapbook memories! For a fun weekend getaway Chicago and has a lot to offer, and can be quite reasonable if you don't live too far.

If all else fails, simply rent a room at a pool suite in Chicago. Teens have an uncanny way of staying busy, so just be sure your birthday boy or girl is in good company and they should be set. Shopping, eating yummy birthday treats, and sightseeing are all sure to make the birthday a success.

No matter what you plan, just be sure to include your teen in the process. He or she will be grateful for the consideration and will love their birthday celebration!

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