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by Pool Builders on 04-02-2011 in Articles

Having fun in the pool is what it's all about. Swimming itself is great fun, but if swimming pools games are added the fun level goes up dramatically. Swimming for exercise is generally enough fun for adults, but children need more than that, and adding pool games to the picture is often the answer.

Being able to swim is the first requirement, otherwise armbands should be provided for safety and easier movement. There are plenty of swimming pools games that children can play according to their age. Boys will prefer rougher more 'dangerous' type games and girls will prefer less rough games. But whatever the case, there is something for everyone, and games can easily be categorized. It also depends on the size of the pool and luckily if it is large enough there will be lot more options available. Most importantly, the presence of any adult is recommended while children are in the pool. Not all games require special equipment, some typical household items and pool toys can suffice.

Here is a look at some fun pool games:

o Put an inflatable pool mattress in the water and get the children to stand on it. It's a lot of fun. The one who stays there the longest is the winner. It can be played in two ways; either all try to stand on the mattress at once or one by one with someone noting the timing. The one who stands for longest is the winner.
o 'Push off' is another interesting game. It is more suitable for the older kids. Get the kids into pairs. Make one pair sit on the shoulders of the other pair. Now the game starts and the idea is to push the other contester's partner off their shoulders. Whichever pair survives the longest is the winner.
o 'Change Drop' is an amazing swimming pool game. It can be played by the children of almost all ages if they are ok swimming under water. Drop some coins in the pool and ask the children pick them up as you blow the whistle to start. The winner will be the one with the most coins.
o Have the boys stand in the water in a line and ask the girls on climb up on to their shoulders and have them cross to the other side of the pool without the girls falling off. This is called as "Crossing the River" and is a great game to test the kids sense of balance.

The games that require buying some equipment can be a whole lot of fun also, but certainly will cost something, how much is up to you. If the school holidays are approaching parents should start thinking planning for new swimming pool games. Playing basketball or volleyball, for example, both require some additional equipment to be installed in the pool, but they are great fun. An on land game that can become a swimming pool game is the obstacle race, and this can be prepared for ahead of time also. Prepare ahead of time also with sufficient sun cream lotion.

Remember swimming pool games should be played with care and supervision and the kids need to be kept away from the side walls of pool.

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