Fun Pool Party Games That You Can Do This Summer

by Pool Builders on 03-10-2011 in Articles

As summer is fast approaching, kids will want to do something fun to welcome the season. Many go to the beach or take a dip in the pool to cool off and have fun. Your kids will also stay active and have lots of exercise to keep them fit, healthy and energetic throughout their vacation. You can host a swimming pool party and here are some party games that you can do.

Swimming colors is one of the fun party games that you can do. One person will serve as the 'It' and he will have to swim in the middle of the pool. They should have their back against the players who will participate in the game. The players should have a color in mind and if the 'It' says the color that they have, they will have to race to the other end of the pool. As the 'It' cannot look at the swimmer, he will only have to guess according to the sound of the water splashes and swim in that direction to tag the player.

You can also have a fishing game where you can use rings as the fishes. Players will have to get a certain number of rings in order to win the game. You can also use floating rings or lifesavers and have kids shoot balls in them. You can also play beach volleyball in the pool or in the grassy area near the pool for your other guests. There are plenty of party games that you can do to for your guests to have fun.

Aside from party games, you can also have your kids help you think of a party theme. You can make invitations out of colored paper that you can cut out to look like watermelon slices, sun, beach ball, umbrellas and many more. You can also use the extra ones to hang on your venue. To make it more colorful, you can get some fairy lights and use them on the table.

Party games can surely make your celebration more fun and memorable. Just think of more games that you can do according to your party's theme. A Hawaiian Luau theme can have girls wear grass skirts and do their best hulas dance for a prize. They can also make leis (flower necklaces), and concoct their best coconut drink. A California themed party can have lots of surfboards as decorations as well as neon signs and palm trees. While the Beach Boys is blasting on the radio, you can have some guys do arm wrestling or a muscle beach match up.

There are plenty of party games that you can do in your pool party. Just think of a theme and try to invent a game that you think your guests will have fun doing. Just be creative and make new rules out of existing games to make them more interesting. This will surely make your pool party an event that will have everyone talking even after it is over. Have fun hosting your next pool party and have a great summer!

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