Fun and Effective Kids' Swim Fins  

by Pool Builders on 08-19-2012 in Articles

Take your kids from casual splashers to competitive swimmers with the help of kids' swim fins. These specially designed, perfectly sized fins are one of the best teaching tools you can have in your instructional arsenal to transition children into lap swimmers. And for anyone who has taught youngsters how to swim, you are well aware that there is more to the method that just random kicking and splashing in the water. Getting children to understand the importance of stroke technique and form can be difficult. But fins specifically made for kids are a great way to easily introduce the importance of stroke form to kids of all ages. Plus, they're bound to love the feel and results of kicking with fins as they race through the water like never before! Take a quick look at some of the brands gathered below and see if any of the fins mentioned would be perfect for your child's swimming needs.

The well known swim gear brand, Finis, produces yet another amazing product, just this time, in mini-sizes. The Finis Fishtail Fins are one of the best ways to take your little wading tadpole and turn him or her into a full blown fish in the water. These soft, yet durable fins come with adjustable heel straps that can go up in sizes as your child's foot grows. By promoting better body position, fins like these can help eliminate poor kicking form and naturally teach children how to flutter kick with ease. Plus, the Fishtail Fins are shaped like; you guessed it, fish fins. This results in forward movement even with the slightest kick, giving your kid instant reward for their hard work.

When your child or student is ready to move up a level or two, then Finis is there to help them start training their developing leg muscles in the pool. The Finis Z2 Zoomers Swim Fins are shaped like adult swim fins, just on a smaller scale. They allow children to isolate and engage their leg and core muscles for a better workout while in the water. Not only do they help build strong, lean muscle, but they also give kids a great cardio workout, something that children these days don't often get enough of. By combining a short fin blade, raised ridges along the center of the fin, a water-catching flex box, and closed heel design that comes in various shoe sizes, these swim fins are the ultimate training tool for your pint-sized swimmer.

Maybe your child isn't quite ready to go up and down the lanes with the big kids. But that doesn't mean that he or she can't enjoy the added propulsion of swim fins. Take Finis Mermaid or Shark Children's Swim Fins for example. Shaped just like a mermaid's tail and a shark's fin, these fun and colorful swimming aids can assist your child during fun, playtime swimming session. They'll be able to easily strap the fin on by placing both feet in the toe area and securing their heels into place. You'll be amazed at how quickly your kids pick up the butterfly kick when using these fun fins.

Think your kid is too young to start using fins? You might want to think again. Especially now that Water Gear Guppy Fins are available for children aged 2-6 years old. These bright and colorful fins fit little feet perfectly and can be adjusted as your child grows. Their soft, plastic structure is comfortable for even the most delicate feet. The Guppy Fins are ideal for an afternoon of splashing around in the backyard, but also work great when introducing the flutter kick to even the smallest of swimmers. This is one product that can really help your child learn the proper stroke and kick techniques

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