Fun and Free Summer Activities For Your Children

by Pool Builders on 12-01-2009 in Articles

Summer is here and your kids are probably just about out of school, ready to spend their 3 months off of school having fun. And what's a better way to have fun than playing in the water on those hot summer days. Let's go over some of these great activities.

Super Soakers were a hit 10 years ago, and they're still a hit today. They're large plastic guns you fill with water and squirt your friends with. Kids come up with all kinds of different games to play with these.

The Slip and Slide is another fun one. You hook your hose into a long plastic sheet, and your kids run and slide all the way down it, slipping and sliding. This one can be a little dangerous to very young kids, so read the warnings before using.

Taking your kids to a public swimming pool, or buying a swimming pool for your house is always a win for kids. Everybody loves to swim so having a swimming pool close to the home is important. You don't need to spend a lot of money to get one in your own backyard, the big plastic pools only cost around $100 dollars.

Water balloon fights go great with Super Soakers. They're like grenades filled with water, fill up a bunch of these and give half to each team and let them shoot water at each other and battle with water balloons. Try to buy thin water balloons so they break easier. If you get hit with a balloon and it doesn't break, it can hurt quite a bit.

There are so many different ways to incorporate water fun into the activities your kids do during the summer. Some of them cost money but a lot of them are cheap or free, and playing with water on a hot day is the best way to keep your kids happy!

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