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by Pool Builders on 11-11-2011 in Articles

Maintaining a spa requires different appliances than a pool. Spa owners have a lot of options for accessorizing their spa.
There are several appliances that claim to help clean your spa like electric pumps and plungers, but spa vacuums are more effective. Spa vacuums are usually handheld, as opposed to automatic pool cleaners. These vacuums remove sand, dirt, rocks, glass and other debris. Some water drainers, such as the Quick Drain, even vacuum as they drain spa water at the rate of ten to twelve gallons per minute. Extension hoses can drain the water far away from your spa.

Spa covers are important because they keep children and pets from falling into the spa, along with keeping debris from falling into the surface, which means less work with the pool net. "Walk on" pool covers are strong enough to support the weight of a person and come in a variety of different colors. Make sure that pool covers have passed the ASTM and UL safety tests and it is even better if they have been reinforced with Fiber Reinforced Plastic. Cover lifts make lifting these covers onto a spa a piece of cake.

Spa lights can liven up your spa with fun colors to create mood lighting. Digital lights are the new sensation for both the pool and the spa, as they can change into a variety of different colors and can be programmed to cycle through them. Manufacturers are more often making more environmentally friendly lights, so consider upgrading your lights to reduce your energy use.

Accessorizing your spa with pillows and cushions can bring spa relaxation to a whole new level. Installing pillows and cushions make long soaks in the spa more comfortable. These special cushions are designed to be quick drying, durable, and mildew resistant. Foam pillows, seat cushions, and headrests can be arranged to your lounging needs.

Buying a step for the side of your spa can make getting in and out of the spa easier and safer. These steps are made to withstand water damage. Also, to protect your skin from the sun, installing an umbrella over your spa can bring some shade to your setup.

Another idea is the spa itself. Buying a portable spa can mean relaxing anywhere your want. It inflates itself, so installation is easy and hassle free.

All of these accessories along with all the necessary spa chemicals are available at a pool and spa supplies store. €€

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