GITGIT a pwerful waterfall for all to swim under  

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If you like water then Bali is an ideal destination as not only does it have some fabulous beaches, beautiful sunsets a calm and restful paradise on earth, all the more significant since the famous south pacific tunes Bali -
Haii ali Ha'i will whisper
On the wind of the sea:
"Here am I, your special island!
Come to me, come to me!"
Well Bali has more to offer than just a romantic peaceful paradise visited by all, but it has a wild side - It has waterfalls you can swim under, it has white water rafting you can speed over. In short Bali is an adventure as well as a peaceful relaxing hideaway.

Waterfall GITGIT near Singaraja towards the north of the island. This is a must see, although it should be said there are many places to explore within Bali, but almost every tropical Island has a significant water feature as part of that Island and Bali is no exception as it has GITGIT a magical feature in the north of the island which, despite its location, as it is in the north of the Island, it makes for a very pleasant day out. As the journey is very scenic as it drifts into the more remote regions of Bali away from the tourist locations which have congregated in the south of the Island.

As you draw closer to GITGIT you can see the splendor of the rushing water as it cascades from the hills above. It has a power, a force, a cleansing fresh feel and look. It is enticing as it lures you closer as by now you will have absorbed the wonderful climate that Bali offers and be ready to take the plunge in the pool that has emerged at the base of the waterfall. As you draw ever closer to the rush of water pirouetting from the rocks and foliage from the heavens you will feel the mist as it wafts across you as you make your way towards this great wonder, a mist that makes for a pleasant respite from the Bali sun and heat.

Feel free to take a plunge as there are a number ways in which you can enter the water and join with the revelry which is already in abundance, splashing in the clean and very fresh pool that has formed, dive under the fresh and aerated waters as they come off the hills above, feel the beat on your head and shoulders and experience the tingle within your body as you are heavily massaged with such vigor, bringing vitality to your very soul.

Waterfalls are magical in their very existence as you can't fail to wonder where all this water can come from and you will know that there are lakes high in the hills which are replenished through tropical precipitations that are in abundance in all tropical climates all of which refresh and replenish our very existence.

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