Galtech Umbrella - The Prefect Beach Or Pool Gear

by Pool Builders on 07-28-2010 in Articles

A Sunday brunch with friends is in full swing. As the brunch progresses so does the day. The sun moves across your patio and the two friends at the sunny end of the dining table are baking. Your patio umbrella is fixed at the centre and cannot be inclined to offer shade to the entire table. The cantilevered arm of a Galtech umbrella model would provide an easy solution to this problem.

Galtech International, one of the best rated umbrella manufacturers, continually strives to produce the most innovative patio umbrellas. This reputed brand integrates the finest of materials to manufacture high quality, innovatively designed umbrellas. This company aims to create umbrellas that everybody who purchases is proud to showcase in their backyards.

Galtech Umbrella: One of the Best in the Market

A Galtech umbrella is the ideal equipment around the swimming pool area. Alternatively, you can also carry it to beachside vacations to avoid exposing yourself for too long to the direct rays of the sun. The following are some of the main features of the umbrellas produced by this company:

* The 'suncrylic' formula is used to dye the acrylic-fiber used to make the umbrellas.

* The fabrics used are canvas, glenntuff, nylon and polyester. The texture and appearance of the fabrics is better than that provided by most other brands.

* Galtech offers an unlimited range of colors, designs and styles of umbrellas. Some umbrellas are even theme-based, such as images of waves. Some have the pattern of alternating color splashes, while still others are in pastel hues.

* The fabric is resistant to tarnish as well as general wear and tear due to the changing weather conditions.

* A customer gets the option of selecting a round or oval shaped umbrella, according to one's preference.

* There is a three-year warranty on manufacturer defects of the fabric and one year on the frame.

Galtech umbrellas are available in the following categories:

* Aluminum umbrella
* Wood umbrella
* Fiberglass umbrella
* Offset patio umbrella
* Commercial patio umbrella
* Beer/beach umbrella
* Lighted patio umbrella
* Wall mount and rotation umbrella

Galtech Umbrella: The Sunbrella Fabric

One category of the Galtech umbrella is the Sunbrella. This category is popular for its fabric. With its classy style and impeccable quality, the Sunbrella range has been leading the fabric industry for over 45 years. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this fabric to its patient because of the fabric's ability to block the harmful sun rays. 'Green Guard Children and Schools' has recognized this fabric for its role in maintaining indoor air quality.

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