Games For Kids To Play At The Park, The Beach Or At The Pool  

by Pool Builders on 06-30-2012 in Articles

Planning a trip to the beach, park or swimming pool this weekend? Here are some fun games you can play with your kids. They guarantee to keep you laughing all day.

Pebble and Driftwood

Suitable for ages 2 and over

You will need: several pieces of driftwood and pebbles off the beach

The Pebble and Driftwood Race is well-worth trying. It is the classic egg-and-spoon race, revamped for the beach. Get a suitably flat piece of driftwood or washed-up plastic to balance a round pebble on. Each racer puts one hand behind his back before charging down the course as fast as she dares. If any player drops her pebble, she must start again from the beginning. To even things out, allow those under three to use both hands if need be and give them a few seconds' head start.

Dinner Party (for Crabs!)

Suitable for ages 2 and over

You will need: your imagination and all the natural beach resources you can find

If anyone needs a sit-down, lay out a Crab Dinner Party. Flatten out a towel or T-shirt as a mini picnic rug and search the beach for small, flat stones to use as crab-sized dinner plates. Now find some "food": seaweed for broccoli, perhaps; shells with twigs sticking out to look like chicken drumsticks; sand for some rice; brown pebbles for toffee apples. Keep beachcombing and inventing until your dinner table would tempt any hermit crab out of its shell. If you are really keen, you may like to fish in the rock pools to find a real crab to invite!

Bucket Limbo

Suitable for ages 2 and over

You will need: a long stick (or similar - see below) and a bucket

If there is one game you must try at the beach, it has to be this one. Bucket Limbo will result in shrieks of excitement and your children will request it again and again. Take a long stick, the pole of a rock-pooling net or a length of rope and thread it through the handle of a bucket filled with cold seawater. When the stick or rope is lifted, the bucket should hang precariously. Players have to limbo underneath the bucket, which gets lowered after each round, until the inevitable soaking occurs! Keep refilling the bucket and have towels at the ready to wrap up shivering limboers.

Exhibition Stone

Suitable for ages 2 and over

You will need: a flat stone and other natural beach resources

Exhibition Stone is a great activity for all ages. Find a large, flat stone not too far from where you have made camp, and brush off any sand. Comb the beach for anything interesting that catches your eye: coloured glass with the edges rounded off (usually known as jewels); perfect shells, a crab's claw, a mermaid's purse, a bottle top, a feather - in fact, whatever you consider good enough to be exhibited. Arrange your treasures on the stone and provide a commentary for gallery visitors explaining what your artistic pieces are!

Where Are My Toes?

Suitable for ages 2 and over

You will need: a beach!

On the beach, Where Are My Toes? will keep you happily occupied. Sit down with your legs stretched out in front of you and cover your feet and shins with sand, doing your best to disguise where your feet are. Encourage your child to poke one of her fingers into the sand to try to locate your buried toes. Wiggle them once they are found. Repeat, swapping roles as hider and seeker.


Suitable for ages 2 and over

You will need: 3 or 4 stacking cups (picnic plastic cups will also do)

Stacking cups are perfect for building mini-sandcastles together, and can be endlessly filled with sea water and emptied again at the shoreline. You can also use them for a few rounds of Cup Shuffle. Place the upturned cups in a line, hiding a shell underneath one of them. Rearrange, conjuror-style, before asking your child to lift a cup to see if she's discovered the shell.

Seaweed Wigs

Suitable for ages 2 and over

You will need: some well-chosen seaweed!

This is an all-time favourite game to cool you down. Collect seaweed from along the beach, then drape it on your head to form a splendid new look. (Shake it first to dislodge any lurking crabs or unwelcome creepy-crawlies!) If you are very brave, you could also try making seaweed beards, moustaches and eyebrows. Take photographs for posterity. Get the hairstyles judged, with a bottle of sweet-smelling shampoo as the prize.

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