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by Pool Builders on 03-24-2011 in Articles

As a child I always wanted a pool in the back garden. The most I got was a washing bowl of cold water to "paddle" in. Pools in back gardens were unheard of when I was a child, it was only the rich and famous who had pools and spas. Now many years later, with adult children of my own and grandchildren, I now have that much desired pool in my back garden, my dream from my childhood days came true. My children and grandchildren enjoy the experience of having some garden leisure time in a pool they can use when they visit, and, in the summer months it is quite frequently used by them.

It is a pleasure to get up on a warm sunny morning and be able to have a swim or just sit on the side of the pool dangling your feet in the water. Lounging around in the garden when the sun is hot and just being able to have a dip in the pool to cool down is heaven.

Pools are more affordable now there are price ranges for everybody's pocket, whether it is a paddling pool for the toddlers or a splashpool for the older children. There are even pools large enough for you to be able to swim in, without having the disruption of having your garden dug up to have a sunken pool fitted.

Above ground pools come in all shapes and sizes. There are the smaller pools that are inflatable which are suitable for toddlers and small children to be able to swim and splash around in or there are the framed pools with heavy duty material liners that come in a variety of sizes depending on how much room you have in your garden. For the larger garden there are the sectional moulded pools that again are manufactured in various sizes and are usually a little larger in depth and width which are suitable for the whole family.

Some of the accessories for the larger sectional pools include pool steps, platforms and fencing. You can make an enclosed permanent feature of your pool with trees and shrubs surrounding it, making it a secluded part of your garden. Adding a filter pump and cover for the pool means you do not have to drain it. Just switch the filter on once a day and cover the pool at night and you will have 100% clean safe water to swim in every day. For cleaning the bottom of the pool you can purchase a fully robotic cleaner that will clean the bottom or your pool, no matter what shape it is, in one hour and the motor comes with a twelve month guarantee.

A pool is now an affordable luxury that can be added to enhance your garden, where you will be able to take advantage of some garden leisure time and relaxing on a hot summers day.

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