Gas Pool Heaters - A Great Way to Enjoy Swimming Year Round

by Pool Builders on 11-14-2009 in Articles

Swimming is something that most everyone considers a warm weather summer activity. But when the weather cools if you have the right gas pool heater you can enjoy your pool, swim spa or hot tub year round no matter where you live.

How Gas Pool Heaters Work

Pool heaters work by re-cycling water, so the water will not be hot to the touch when it comes through the pool jets or inlets. Heat is added gradually as the water is turned over in the pool. Heat pumps, used in conjunction with a "solar blanket", open the door to swimming on a daily basis in 85 degree water. Like a gas heater, the heat pump has the same requirements to operate. The pump must be operating efficiently, the filter must be clean, and the thermostat must be high enough to activate the heater.

Your heat pump runs on electricity. It requires 50 to 60 amps to run properly. Although it is much more economical to operate a heat pump, it heats your pool much slower than a gas-fired heater. Heat pumps are usually rated anywhere from 90,000 to 150,000 BTU's, whereas a gas heater is typically between 250,000 to 400,000 BTU's.

Common Complaints!

The most common complaint we hear about heat pumps is "my heat pump is not working!" However, if the fan is turning and it is blowing out cool, de-humidified air - that it IS working and you just need to give it more time. Another concern we often hear about is leaking. However heat pumps, just like air conditioning units, create condensation when functioning properly. So it is normal to have water leaking from the outlet at the bottom of the heater.

Advice for getting the most of out your gas pool heater:

Your gas heater will only operate properly if the following factors exist:

* Your pump must be operating efficiently
* Your filter must be clean
* Your Electronic Controller (PDA) must have the temperature set high enough to activate the heater

Therefore, if your pump strainer basket is full of leaves, or if your filter is dirty, or if your pump is not primed, your heater will not work. If your controller has your pool set to come up to 85 degrees and your water is already 86 degrees, your heater will not work.

One problem that has become much more prevalent lately is insufficient gas supply to the heater. In order for a gas heater to work properly, a commercial gas meter will be required. In addition, a "dedicated" line of sufficient size is absolutely necessary for the heater to function.

Article by: Charles Elfert

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