Gas Pool Heaters - What Are They Good For?

by Pool Builders on 09-03-2008 in Articles

Are you considering buying a pool heater for your pool and want to know what your options are? Do you want warmer water for your pool, but do not want to be stuck wasting all kinds of money on energy? There are three basic options and one of them is gas pool heaters. These are good for some things, but not for all types of pools or situations. Here is what you need to know.

First, gas powered pool heaters are expensive and they are expensive to run. They do a great job, though, and they will get your pool water up into the mid 80s in a hurry. These are designed to pump the water out at an amazing pace with more heat in it than you really need. They do have purposes, but running them constantly is not one of them.

Second, if you have a vacation home or only use your pool once in a while for guests or parties, then this might be the type of heater you want. It can be turned on a couple hours before you plan to use the pool and get you that nice warm swimming water that we all like. They are great for vacation homes because you can turn them on when you get there and have good swimming water in a couple of hours.

Third, if you are not able to spend the money that gas pool heaters will run you, then you can consider an electric pool heater or the most cost efficient in the solar pool heater. Make sure you check out all your options before you commit to raising your gas bill by hundreds of dollars and going broke just for warm swimming water.

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