General Measures For Pool Safety

by Pool Builders on 07-19-2007 in Articles

According to a survey done by a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, it has been found that more than 300 children under the age of five years die every year in pools. It is said that child drowning is one of the silent death. This is so because there is no splash noise made by the child to warn others about the possibility of drowning.

A pool owners job is not over by just constructing the pool. Rather the real work starts from thereon. The pool owner has to take many measures in order to keep the pool safe from not only garbage but also from any accidents that may take place.

Here are some important general pool safety measures:

1. One should not enter those areas where it is not advisable.

2. One should know how to swim. This might help to some extent when a person is on the verge of drowning.

3. One should follow all the rules and regulations before entering into the pool.

4. Beginners or learners should wear tube or Personal Floatation Device(PFD) when they are moving around water.

5. While entering into the water, enter your legs first.

6. One should enter the head first only when it is being marked and the area is clear.

7. Never swim after consuming alcohol. Drinking and swimming disturbs balance, concentration, and also affects swimming skills.

8. One should be well informed and aware as how to handle pool mishaps or emergencies.

9. Never enter in the pool when one is too tired, or when the weather is too hot or cold, and where there are no safety measures.

10. One should know in which area are they feel competent to swim such as deep end, shallow end etc.

11. One should not enter in the pool when the climatic conditions are not favorable.

12. The beginners, learners or kids should always be supervised in the pool by an adult swimmer or lifeguard.

Apart from these, here are some pool safety measures:

1. Construct pool safety fences around the pool.

2. Pool safety nets should be tied in and around the pool.

3. Place alarms within the pool premises and outside it.

4. Pool safety covers which helps to cover the pool prevents the entry of unwanted materials.

Before entering a pool, one should be provided with enough knowledge about what is good, bad, harmful and dangerous for himself/herself. It is also important for the pool owner to have knowledge about how to keep the pool safe.

Here are some questions which every pool owner should find the answers to:

1.What are different safety tools or equipments available in the market?

2. How are these tools used?

3. What features do they provide?

With some basic knowledge about pool safety, a pool owner will be more confident and competent about the pool.

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