Geothermal Energy Installations for Your Property  

by Pool Builders on 12-10-2012 in Articles

Going green is something you hear a lot about these days, and it seems that every newspaper, magazines and news outlet is talking constantly about ways you can live more energy efficiently and help save your wallet and your planet.

Of course all this can get a little tiresome after a while - like an old record - but ultimately it's still all valid and it's still something worth listening to. By switching to green energy you can save a lot of money and you can help to reduce your carbon footprint. Alternative and renewable energy sources aren't the stuff of science fiction, they're tenable options that are already available to us and that are infinitely superior to carbon fuels. One great example of how you can use green energy in your home is by using a geothermal heat pump. Here we'll look at what this means.

How Geothermal Energy Works

The idea of geothermal energy is that you are harvesting the heat energy from deep below the Earth's crust. Our planet is of course constantly being subjected to the sun's rays meaning that it's constantly being basked in light and heat which is enough to create all the energy that plants on animals on Earth need to live.

Over time then of course the planet heats up, and this is actually what cause wind - as the ground alters the temperature of the air and thus causes changes in pressure. The surface of the ground however is very changeable and because it's constantly being subjected to wind and rain it can cool down just as quickly as it can heat up.

The alternative then is to use heat from deeper under the Earth's crust where the ground is shielded by lots and lots of earth on top. This then is like the centre of a potato that you've microwaved - it takes much longer than the surface to cool down, only this time we're talking about a scale of billions of years.

By placing pipes deep underground then, you are placing them at a point where the Earth is very hot and this heat energy can warm up water that you run through them to the point where it can be used to heat up a swimming pool or even to provide heat from your property.


The only downside of geothermal energy when compared to other green energy sources such as solar then is that you are required to dig up a lot of land in your garden in order to insert the pipes. However it's worth noting that there are plenty of Earth moving companies that can do this for you and then level off your garden as good as new. If you're installing a swimming pool anyway then already you're going to need a lot of digging up so this is as good a time as any to install your heating.

And while you might need to spend some money on the initial installation you should note that this is very much an investment. Once you've spent that initial investment you'll be heating your pool for free from hear on in...

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