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by Pool Builders on 07-16-2013 in Articles

Although many homeowners desire them vacations aren't always the reality. Things like work, finances, children, and time often prevent homeowners from whisking away to their dream vacation retreat. What many homeowners do not realize however is that a "staycation" can be just as gratifying and will cost homeowners far less over time. Rather than trying to save money for a vacation retreat each year homeowners instead can opt to convert their backyards into a vacation spot.

A favorite amongst homeowners tired of trying to plan, save, and find the time for a vacation away from home is to have new decks installed in their backyard. These decks can range from the very simple to very complex and include things like outdoor living rooms, outdoor kitchens, and even outdoor bedrooms. What a homeowner ultimately does with their new deck will be limited only by their imagination and their budget. Homeowners working with smaller budgets however should remember that even a modest deck with a few amenities can make for an extremely relaxing getaway. Having a new deck installed as an alternative vacation spot however will require a great deal of careful planning, working with a contractor, and realistic expectations. Homeowners who have outdoor kitchens installed for example don't simply have refrigerators and ranges placed on their decks. Far more complicated, homeowners will need to have electrical wiring, piping, and other things installed or reworked before the bulk of the project can get underway. The same goes for outdoor living rooms. Homeowners will need ample electricity to power a big-screen TV, a sound system, and any other living room amenities they want outside.

For homeowners that don't necessarily fancy an outdoor room but still wants a nice getaway spot outback there is always the option of creating a low maintenance type of retreat. These types of projects can include a simple patio that's designed to the liking and personal tastes of a specific homeowner. With so many different materials available for the construction of a patio homeowners can let their imaginations run wild with things like color, design, and architecture. Of course with so many different options available it behooves homeowners to speak with a landscaping contractor very early on. In these types of low-maintenance getaways homeowners can install small fountains and waterfalls, patches of grass, and of course their favorite types of flowers. A simple patio can give homeowners some great getaway time and allow them to enjoy a meal in peace and quiet, read a book outdoors in custom surroundings, and even entertain a few guests.

There are those homeowners who like to go big but don't necessarily want an outdoor room or a low maintenance retreat or patio doesn't. These types of homeowners can always opt for a personal garden escape. Homeowners, working with their contractor, can create some really unique garden designs for their backyard. English garden styles, Asian landscapes, and even woodland landscapes can be replicated by a talented contractor with relative ease. Homeowners also have the choice of selecting from butterfly gardens and Xeriscape gardens which include a lot of low-water plants that look stunning. For the homeowner who wants to get away from their home without having to leave their home or deal with all of the hassles associated with doing so creating a personal garden escape is a great way to get away from everything and place oneself in a completely different environment.

Of course there are those homeowners who aren't too keen on flowers, fountains, or anything too extravagant. These types of homeowners often opt to have a swimming pool or hot tub installed in their backyard. While swimming pools and spas may not necessarily take the homeowner to another environment they can be extremely relaxing and allow a homeowners mind to wander to somewhere other than their daily routine. Homeowners opting for a swimming pool or spa have a bevy of choices to choose from and just as many contractors available for hire. Although swimming pools can be installed during any time of the year homeowners should plan on doing so during the winter or early spring when contractors offer their services at more affordable rates and are more readily available for work.

The type of getaway a homeowner decides to create in their backyard is really irrelevant when compared to the end result they bring for each homeowner. Having the ability to remove oneself from the stresses and cares of daily life can do wonders for enhancing the mind, body, and the imagination. Homeowners who build retreats in the backyard will often tell you that after spending time in their backyards they return to their home, work, and families feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day.

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