Get Certified With Scuba Diving Lessons In Chicago  

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If adventure is something you seek in life, then consider taking scuba diving lessons in Chicago. Scuba diving is a fun and adventurous way to enjoy the great blue sea. Certified divers with years of experience will show you how to use the proper techniques, breathe underwater using the right equipment and explore without fear. You can also earn your scuba diving certification at the end of your lessons.

The movies make scuba diving look very exciting on screen. However, before you decide to take on the vast oceans yourself, you should have the proper training and skills to do so. In the beginning of your scuba diving lessons in Chicago, you learn in a controlled environment. This means you dive in shallow water, like a swimming pool, until you and your instructor feel you are ready to hit open water.

Taking Beginning Courses

Your first day may consist of classroom and poolside instruction. In the classroom, the instructors will go over water safety and what you should do in case of an emergency. You later learn to dive in a swimming pool. The first lessons help you overcome any fears or misconceptions you may have about the water. Fear can stop you from entering open water like the ocean or sea. It is your instructors' job to ease your fears before you take on lessons that are more difficult.

The lessons are also refresher courses that every amateur and professional diver needs to know. After you refresh your swimming skills and water safety rules, you begin exploring more difficult areas of diving.

Diving in Open Water

Generally, anyone over the age of 15 may qualify for scuba diving lessons in Chicago. This prerequisite is non-negotiable and strictly required. In addition, you need to sign a medical consent form acknowledging your good health. Medical conditions that can jeopardize the diving lessons are prohibited. These include heart conditions and respiratory problems.

Open water lessons require the use of special diving equipment that includes a mask, fins and snorkel approved by the PADI. The PADI is an organization that regulates diving and the instructors who give diving courses. Your equipment should fit properly and comfortably on your face and feet. The instructors, who offer scuba diving lessons in Chicago, will check the equipment to make sure it works well and fits correctly. The best option for purchasing your equipment is by visiting the company's dive shop. You can find everything you need here.

The next thing to do before you actually dive is make sure you completely understand the rules of diving and swimming. Although you learned these things in the beginning of scuba class, you should go over them again before you proceed. The diving team may have given you a DVD and kit to look over and study before or after class. The open water is an adventure waiting to be explored. Once you dive, you may see various marine life and plants, such as dolphins and coral reefs. Keep in mind that these wonderful sights should only be seen and not disturbed.

You can sign up for as many dives as you want, but most scuba diving companies limit the dives to around four in the beginning. This is only until you become certified and skilled in the sport. Your scuba diving trainers may also take you to specific places on their itinerary. These places are proven safe and secure for beginning divers.

You earn your certification after you have successfully performed your required dives. The number of dives you need to make depend on the instructors training you.

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