Get Fit Body With Water Fitness  

by Pool Builders on 06-09-2010 in Articles

Doing exercise does not mean that you have to be sweaty and tired. The point is in the pattern and the intensity of the exercise to maintain fitness. The term of water fitness is not really recognized by many people. This may because they doubt about the impact of this fitness.

In fact, this sport is a very effective way to maintain fitness, not only for those who are diseased but also those who have already had fit body. This type of sport has grown in Canada and the United States. This is known as aquarobic, aqua fitness, aqua exercise and aqua therapy.

Like most sports, water fitness is one form of gymnastics that uses water media. The training is done with or without musical accompaniment to make it as a fun and energetic activity.

Previously, water fitness is specialized to be done in rehabilitation, especially people with minor injuries or osteoporosis, patients that have inside diseases, after a person gets an injury, elderly, and pregnant women. Therapy that uses water medium is considered more secure, convenient, and almost did not have the slightest risk of injury. Water will provide resistance to the body in motion. This makes the usual weight loss sustained by the joints can be reduced.

This sport is not only beneficial for those who have diseases. It is also advisable to those who are fit and healthy in order to eliminate saturation during the weight training. It is also able to help people in improving fitness and maintaining fitness levels.

Water therapy in this sport is giving the effect of massage on the body, especially when the water moves or forging the surface of our body. The larger or wider the body, you will get the greater exposure and the effect of massage that you will get. Additionally, to help the movement, you can add a variety of fitness tools such as buoys (shaped like a belt), dumbledore or barbells and noodle that are made of materials Styrofoam. You have to wear water shoes to avoid blisters.

However, these tools are conditional. Water fitness tends to use body members to be more natural and beneficial to the entire body. This can be done you yourself at home with a private pool. But for those who have a specific illness and want to get the maximum effect of this therapy should do this sport with the guidance of instructor.

Because water movement is very similar fitness with an aerobic workout, participants who wish to undertake this exercise would not have difficulty in adjusting movement. Moreover, participants do not have to have the skills to swim first. Each exercise only focused on the movement that already exists. For those who are able to swim and are in advanced can increase the intensity of time.

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