Get Fit For Life With a Latest Release Lap Pool

by Pool Builders on 07-20-2010 in Articles

The multitude of health benefits offered by regular swimming has long been known. An exercise regime involving 30 minutes of steady lap swimming just three times a week can drastically improve cardio vascular fitness, muscle strength, flexibility and posture while also building endurance. Winding down after a stressful day at work through swimming is a great way to clear your mind and take you away from reality for a while.

While many of us recognise these benefits, a hectic working week and busy lifestyles are often put to blame for not jumping in the pool as regularly as we would like. Owning your very own lap pool is one way to ensure that swimming remains an integral part of your exercise and recreational regime. Imagine stepping out into the privacy of your backyard for a few relaxing laps of your favourite stroke.

There are many modern and stylish lap pools available on the market for summer. They include Aqua Technics' Milan, Caprice and Athena which all offer the benefits of a lap pool but at slightly different lengths (10m, 8m and 6m respectively). The 3m width of these pools also make them easy to fit in even the most narrow backyards.

For a pool suited to the whole family while also being great for exercise, the Monaco or St Tropez from Buccaneer are ideal. They offer the uninterrupted swimming length of a lap pool (10.6m and 8.5m respectively) as well as a children's safety ledge that follows the whole length of the pool. Geometric corner insets are incorporated to give the pools a stylish, modern shape. Corner sit-outs also offer plenty of seating space to relax and unwind.

These pool designs incorporate highly attractive, geometric shapes that complement the contemporary style of modern Perth homes. Every lap pool on the market comes in a range of colours and surface finishes to suit everyone. If you want to ensure that your fabulous new pool colour doesn't fade include the brand new, world first

Pool ColourGuard technology. Available in 14 beautiful finishes, a Pool ColourGuard lap pool offers the ultimate protection against chemical bleaching and UV rays to ensure a vivid pool colour that will never, ever fade, meaning your pool will look brand new for years to come.

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