Get Fun in the Sun for Less With an Above-Ground Pools  

by Pool Builders on 03-20-2014 in Articles

Summer heat can be absolutely stifling. In states where temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees, it is important to have a relaxing place to entertain and take cooling dip. Many families see the value of a pool but cannot afford the steep initial investment an in-ground model would require. They may also lack the space to house one. However, families who are in this predicament are not out of options for backyard fun in the sun. Read on to see reasons why above-surface styles may work better for you.

Cost: In general, above-ground pools will cost less than in-ground options. No excavation or concrete laying is needed, so installation, supply, and labor will be substantially less intensive. This style usually arrives in a kit that is customized to your installation area..

Variety: If you don't have the space to support a natatorium, above-surface styles may alleviate your worries. They come in a variety of attractive sizes and shapes, making it easy to find one that meets your space requirements. Some styles can even be heated so you can swim even in cooler months. You can also add outdoor lighting for evening swims.

Speed: Are you in a hurry to host a party, or just tired of roasting in the sun? Above-ground pools can be installed in mere days, meaning you can get to the fun and relaxing more quickly.

Easy to dismantle: Above-surface pools do not require as much commitment as a dug-in option. Should you decide to move and want to take your pool with you, it would not be a problem to take it apart and pack it up. Filling in an in-ground feature will cost a lot of money and much more effort.

Appearance: The main argument against above-surface options is their appearance. Depending on the model and brand, they can look really tacky in your backyard, and can even detract from your home's value. This is not the case for all brands. Some higher-end models come complete with deck and railing options that will help your choice visually mesh with your outdoor space. In-ground pools may increase your home's value in some cases, but they will also require expensive professional landscaping.

Safety/access: It's a common occurrence to hear about children drowning in backyards. Above-ground pools will often eliminate these worries. This style is less accessible than an in-ground pool, since it can only be reached via stairs or a ladder. These can easily be fenced off, making it safer for families with children. You're also less likely to find unwanted stray animals such as dogs, squirrels, turtles, or snakes in an above-surface feature.

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