Get Light and Airy Accommodation With UK Glass Rooms  

by Pool Builders on 01-28-2014 in Articles

Glass rooms are a wonderful way to add an expansion to your home. If you live in the UK and you're looking to build a conservatory, garden room, orangery, or swimming pool enclosure, there are many options available to you. First of all, decide what kind of structure will meet your needs. Are you looking to add space to your home? Is it a weatherproof solution that you need? Perhaps you'd like to create an area for guests or for an upcoming event. Whatever the case is, consider going to a company that specialises in UK glass rooms.

Let's look at the type of structures in more detail:
€ Conservatory
€ Garden room
€ Orangery
€ Swimming pool enclosure

A room made with glass walls and a glass roof, a conservatory is often a place to showcase plants. It can be used as a greenhouse or a sun parlour. This is the sort of expansion for customers who are looking for UK glass rooms that give a wide open feeling. An ideal solution for those who'd like to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the elements, a conservatory is a delightful addition that offers sun and scenery. Conservatories come in a variety of shapes and designs such as Victorian, Georgian, Gable, and more. Check with your local UK dealer for specifics, or to schedule a consultation.

Garden Room
What exactly is a garden room? Usually referring to a room that is adjacent to the garden, it's a lot like a living room with glass walls. A garden room is much like a conservatory, but will have a solid roof. Materials used for the roof range from slate, tile, aluminium, or vinyl.

Although a garden room offers less of an open, airy experience compared to a conservatory, there are many benefits. The roof of a garden room makes it more of a house-like extension, often resulting in a lower cost and simpler construction. And because the roof is opaque instead of made from glass, there is less maintenance associated with it. The solid roof also provides more privacy and lower heating / cooling costs. Depending on your needs, a garden room might suit you better than a conservatory.

An orangery is described as a cross between a conservatory and a traditional extension. Originating in the Renaissance gardens of Italy, these structures were intended to house citrus trees in colder climates, thus the name. A symbol of status, orangeries were built not only to admire the plants but the architecture as well. As such, these structures often housed other beautiful pieces, such as fountains.

Constructed of large glass panels held in place by frames, the orangery often has a similarly styled roof. Imagine the basic framework of a gazebo and fill in the open spaces with glass, and you're on the way to envisioning one style of orangery. These extensions often have sliding or folding doors. An orangery can be built from materials ranging from brick to stone to timber, so this type of extension will easily blend in with the style of your home.

Swimming Pool Enclosure
A glass enclosure built around your pool is a wonderful way to enjoy your pool throughout the seasons. It will aid in protecting from outside elements as well as debris. In the hot summer months, open your enclosure to fully enjoy the weather. What are you waiting for? Contact your local UK glass rooms company and begin your home improvement project.

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