Get Only the Best Kind of Pool Alarms For Your Home

by Pool Builders on 06-24-2010 in Articles

If you have a swimming pool at home, especially in the backyard where you cannot have an immediate view of the pool from the house, it is very important to set up pool alarms. It is an expense worth every penny because that money could not be worth more than the life of a child. It could be even your pet falling into the pool and if you do not reach it in time; you are going to lose it forever. You need to be always better prepared with the right kind of pool alarms in place.

What you need to look for in pool alarms is easy installation and not easy to tamper with. Remember that your child could very well take this to be a play toy as well and hence you need to make sure that no amount of pressure would damage it. Also you need to ensure that the sensors have a reception of 200 ft at least and also the device alerts you in time about any fall in battery levels. Also the alarm should be as per the size of your pool.

The alarm pools could be of different types. The one you could easily put up on your child is the wristband sensor. The band when immersed inside water will automatically sound an alarm. Then there are the surface sensors that float on the surface of the water. More reliable than these are the sub-surface sensors that are attached to the side of the pool and a part of which is immersed into water.

The sub-surface sensors were also found to let off less false alerts as compared to surface sensors. The wristband sensors are the best way to keep an alert about the child. Then there are the gate alarms that are installed at the gate of the pool. This is when you have fencing for the pool and the gate is the only access way for the child to enter the pool.

Alarms should be always tested to make sure that they are fool-proof. You can use the alarm's manual to know how to make such tests can be performed at equal intervals to ensure that they are working properly. Always remember that no matter how many pool alarms you have set up, you always need to provide your child with close supervision especially near water. This combination of safety measures will help to ensure maximum protection of your child near a pool.

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