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by Pool Builders on 03-27-2011 in Articles

Now-a-days, having a hotel with spacious rooms and basic amenities is not enough. With the changing lifestyle, many people look for luxurious services as an additional benefit of staying at the hotel. Of the many kinds of luxury options, swimming pool and spa are most common things that they ask for. Therefore, if you are into hospitality business and want your hotel to be listed among the top-rated luxury destinations in the Orlando, then plan for offering pool and spa services to your guests.

Planning for swimming pool and spa at your hotel requires adequate knowledge about the products that has to be used to maintain quality standard of the pool and spa water. While both pools and spas require some amount of chemical additives, you need to know about the compatibility ratio of chemicals with both hot and cold water. Moreover, if the spa water and pool water is not treated properly then it can become the home for many micro-organisms, thereby degrading the quality of water.

In order to bring back the normal and healthy water condition in the swimming pool and spa centers, you can use the following chemicals:

• Use PH adjusters to measure the acidic or basic condition of the water.
• You can use algaecide to prevent the spa water from algae
• Using oxidizer can help you to remove organic waste and keep the water clean
• You can use clarifier to clear of the dull and dirty waters
• Prefer using sequestering agents to remove metal particles and stains from the water
• You can use Di-chlorine, which are compatible with the hot temperature of the water.

Measuring proportionate amount of chemicals and adding them for sanitization may require ample of time and knowledge. Therefore, the best deal lies in seeking help from professionals who offer pool and spa services in Orlando. They are skilled with using mild chemicals to sanitize the water and assure guarantee services to their clients.

If you are interested to hire commercial pool and spa services, then you can contact some leading pool and spa service company in Central Florida. They have professionals to provide you the best solution for liner pools and spa renovation. They also provide replacement filters and spa products to their clients. Besides these, some companies in Orlando also provide free estimates on swimming pool renovations and help their customers with services at affordable rates.

All you have to do is to search their online websites detailing pool and spa services in Orlando and contact them via email or phone call.

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