Get The Best - Frameless Glass Pool Fencing?  

by Pool Builders on 10-25-2014 in Articles

Frameless glass pool fencing is one of the latest and most popular innovations and a good way to have a fence when you don't really want one. While it is essential to comply with council rules and regulations and to keep your children safe, having a visible fence around the pool certainly ruins the look and feel of the backyard. However, when you use frameless glass it is almost like getting an fence.

It is not that you cannot see the fence at all; just that it is not nearly as visually intrusive as one that is more highly visible - one with lots of rather ugly posts that really makes your backyard seem smaller and spoils the view into the bargain. They cut your yard in half and you often cannot even see your beautiful flowers because the fence is in the way.

However, glass panels have another big advantage that cheaper fencing does not. The solid panels provide a great windbreak in the pool area, so that you can enjoy swimming even on windy days. You can make more use of your pool when it is protected from the wind. You won't get as cold when there is some wind shelter.

In fact, semi frameless glass pool fencing is almost as good and it can provide a windbreak and sheltered area for pot plants or plants in a garden that may not grow well in your area otherwise. Tropical shrubs often need just a bit more heat than can be had normally, but with a line of glass fencing you may find that they grow really well in your backyard.

Pool fence panels need to be strong and sturdy with no chance of the children climbing over them or getting under them. Glass is ideal for this as it does not provide any toehold or handhold for little ones who like to try and climb over just for the challenge of it. Of course, you must always ensure that there is nothing nearby that they can use to climb up and over.

Once you have the right fence around your pool, you will have peace of mind that your children are protected and that your backyard looks as good as it possibly can. Your friends and guests will be impressed with your new and beautiful fencing and you will find that your backyard looks really attractive. What more could you ask of a fence?

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