Get The Most Out Of Your Triathlon Swim Workouts

by Pool Builders on 01-23-2011 in Articles

You are training for your first triathlon or maybe you have already done one or two. You spend most of your time running or biking without much thought of the swim, thinking you are just happy to finish. Why limit yourself to that when you may be able to finish so much better by taking your triathlon swim workouts to a higher level.

Maybe you just do not like swimming or you really don't have much time to swim in the pool. Neither of these reasons should stop you from improving on your workouts and gaining more endurance and speed.

The key to your success is using the time you have to the best of your ability. Put together a plan that you can follow so when you do your swim workouts, you have something to focus on instead of just swimming laps.

What you want to do first is learn how to properly do the front crawl as it relates to swimming in a triathlon. The technique is different than swimming in the pool for a number of reasons. Your arm stroke, body positioning and your kick are the points you work on.

You want to improve your endurance so you finish the swim not as worn out as you previously were. You can do this by swimming fast intervals to push your fitness level higher and swimming for distance in the pool at a medium fast pace. Getting used to being in the water for extended periods will condition your body and mind for race time.

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