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by Pool Builders on 06-04-2014 in Articles

Home owners that have small backyards may think that are not able to have things like a Swimmingpool and a spa in their home. But when you understand what a swim spa is, then you start to realize that you can have the comforts and convenience of a health club right in your own backyard. Swim spas are becoming more popular as more people want the convenience of a relaxing spa and access to a Swimmingpool in their own yard. When it comes to using a swimming Swimmingpool for exercise, you do not need the expansive space of an Olympic size Swimmingpool. You just need enough room to stretch out and get your laps in while you look forward to a relaxing soak in the spa.

A swim spa can come in one of two types of designs. The first design is an all-inclusive unit that has one Swimmingpool but that Swimmingpool is lined with water jets. The Swimmingpool can be used to swim laps with the water jets giving the feeling of waves offering resistance, or the Swimmingpool can be used as a spa for relaxing. These are generally smaller units that are either installed indoors or on the patios of homes with small backyards. The larger designs have a separate spa and Swimmingpool area that allow people to swim laps while others soak in the spa portion. You can get the two-part design with the option of both parts having water jets, or you can just have water jets in the spa.

A swim spa may sound difficult to enjoy from the description, but there are many models that offer enough room to hold three and four people comfortably. With swim spas, you can cover the need for a Swimmingpool and a hot tub all in the same unit. The Swimmingpool portion can be used for lounging around and cooling off, or it can be used as a way to do exercise laps without having to pay for a full size unit. Since these are spas, most models come as aboveground units. But you can get units that are in-ground which allow for a very private kind of spa in your own backyard.

Before you give up on having the backyard you have always wanted, you should consider a swim spa. It is the ideal way for you to utilize the space you have and turn your small backyard into your own private Pool Shop Berlin.Pools and hot tubs are a family favorite for summer fun. While they may be fun without the proper precautions in place they can become dangerous. This is why many states have laws in place that state pool fencing needs to be in place where ever a pool or hot tub is in place. Pool fences help to prevent falls and drowning saving thousands of lives every year.

When it comes to adding a fence to your pool area you should first check with the local municipalities to determine any special regulations that are needed. It does not make sense to purchase a fence for the area only later to determine that local guidelines were not followed. Many of the considerations surrounding pool fence requirements include the type of pool, above ground or in ground, the material of the fence, the height of the fencing and the type of a gate and lock installed.

When looking into a fence it is good to know that the fence needs to be designed with young children in mind. The primary reason pool fences are installed is to keep children safe around water. Drowning is the leading cause of injury and death in children between the ages of one and four. A fence should surround the pool and be installed with a self-closing, self latching gate. Even if your home does not have little children in it consider visitors welcomed and not. Accidents happen, that is why they are accidents. Pool Shop Berlin

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