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by Pool Builders on 08-01-2011 in Articles

The construction and ownership of swimming pools these days is a very serious matter especially in many parts of Australia as the Queensland Government have strictly implemented Pool Fence Regulations which requires the installation of a swimming pool fence in home pools. If you have inherited a pool in your rented home or had one built, you need to have it inspected and issued a Safety Certificate for it to be usable. If it is deemed hazardous, the swimming pool owner will have to modify, install or have a re-inspection done before it can be issued Inspection Certifications that certifies its safety.

Back in the day, the installation of pool fences were not strictly imposed but the rate of children and pets falling into the water and drowning each year increased which made the Pool Safety regulation be put into practice. Although swimming pool related accident issues are still heard of occasionally, it isn't as rampant anymore because of the new policy enforcement.
One cannot be permitted to have a pool be constructed without a safety certification, so it means that you have to present your plans to the inspectors first and have it approved.

However, if you think about it, a swimming pool fence is only a very minimal safety requirement by the government in comparison to those that have swimming pool covers, motion sensors and other security systems that will prevent anything from going into your pool, including birds, twigs, rain and leaves.

The importance of a pool fence is for everyone's benefit. But no matter how safe, certified and secured your swimming pool area is, the most important thing you have to do is to lookout for your children and supervise them well when they are in the water. If they are just around the house, make sure you keep an eye on them as well as your pets to prevent them from jumping into the swimming pool.

Our main role at AV Pool Safety Inspections is, to inspect your pool to determine whether or not it is compliant with the new pool safety standards as set out by the QLD Government. If your pool complies, we are qualified to issue you with your €Pool Safety Certificate€. We're here to make compliance easy and hassle free!

We can provide you with:

* Pool fence safety compliance certificates
* A service to register your pool.
* Certification & approval of new pool safety fences
* Certification & approval of new and existing pool barriers
* We can certify both residential and commercial
* Provide safety management plans for commercial applications.
* Professional advise
* Polite & Friendly service
* Fast response
* BSA licensed
* On the spot repairs and rectifications if required

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