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by Pool Builders on 12-21-2010 in Articles

When one looks to invest in property by purchasing a Bangkok apartment, one has to look for the best in order to lead a high quality of life. However, not every one of us would be able to own a posh Bangkok condo since only a few can afford it. Most of the working class people would generally like to choose condos that are reasonable in size, comfort and cost to settle in, with important facilities nearby. But there are many who wish to make best use of their large earning capacity and accumulated wealth by investing in ultra modern, costly homes in the city.

People looking to purchase and rent a Bangkok apartment can find absolutely the right one of their choice here. There are many elegant and furnished condos available for different budgets and some of the most reputed ones are;

• Noble Ora Condominium- This one is situated in one of the most well known areas of the city called Thonglor. In this condo apartment, one can choose one, two and three bedroom units which have plenty of facilities like swimming pool, gymnasium, elevators, protected parking area, sauna and reception. Most of them also comprise of terrace and balcony as well as wooden floors.

• Baan Suanthon is another luxurious Bangkok apartment complex which is on Srinakarin road, Bangphee. There are a lot of reputed schools, good parks, shopping centers and hospitals in its vicinity. The security is also top class with spy holes on the doors and additional security locks. These condos have other specialties like spacious living room, two bedroom, western style kitchen and ample space for dining tables. There is also continuous hot water supply, stainless steel taps, glass basin bowl etc. In addition to these, there is a swimming pool, a restaurant, a club and play area for kids.

• Le Raffine Condo complex is another luxurious complex comprising of two bedrooms and bathrooms, private balcony for each condo unit, huge kitchen and living room and is situated on Sukhumvit Road. These are some of the most reputed Bangkok condo houses with a lot of shopping centers, quality restaurants, nightlife places and Queen's Park, also known as Benjasiri.

• The Address Chidlom Condo complex is a popular Bangkok apartment [] for its posh interiors and has many facilities like play are, swimming pool, spa etc. It is located in Chit Lom district.

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