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by Pool Builders on 02-25-2014 in Articles

In today's materialistic world, everyone wants to live a stylish and comfortable life. Buildings are constructed with world premier class architecture style and its surroundings are designed in a very attention-grabbing manner. Windows, Doors and Walls of a property are decorated and designed with high-quality glasses. Adorning your property with high-quality glasses gives an additional gorgeous look. There are thousands of companies in the world market who are highly professional and qualified builders who are quite enough to give the outcome exactly as per the requirements of the clients.

Swimming pool in a house or in a hotel is decorated by fence panels and glasses. Different architects can design several types of fencing designs to give more attractive looks of swimming pool and make it more comfortable. Swimming pool is one of the recreational facilities offered in many luxury hotels as well as many wealthy people houses as they have indoor or outdoor swimming pool. Frameless and Semi-frame glass configurations offer functionality, elegance and lavish style.

Highlights For Frameless Glass Fences Installation:

It is one of the most desired designs for everyone to decorate the surrounding of swimming pool. Such design gives a gorgeous look to the environment of the pool. As swimming pool is an area where one can rejuvenate their mind, body and soul it is vital to make the place very comfortable and eye-catching. The best reasons to use frameless glass fences are -

Gives minimal appearance

Uninterrupted visions

Toughened safety glass panels

Hidden aluminium path for in ground glass support

Easy installation

Appropriate for setting up into timber decking & concrete slab

Australian standards complaint

Latest Trend Semi Frameless Pool Fencing:

Semi frameless pool fencing is the most affordable and very safe way to make your swimming pool more attractive. Weight aluminium placement between clear toughened safety glass makes stronger and very affordable glass fencing. This type of fencing is practically applied to pavers, concrete, timber deck and just into the ground. Excellent features of this fencing design are -

Pool fence post of 930 mm

Balustrade post of 630 mm

Toughened safety glass panels of 12 mm

Gate posts are pre-fitted

Australian Standards compliant

Uninterrupted sights

Fitted with safety latches

To install unique Glass Fence Panels, contact an expert architect who can satisfy with what exactly you want to see around your pool at reasonable rates. The layout of fencing should be planned out in advance before construction. The fence of your choice can be fitted when everything is finished. Properly installed glass fence gives a stunning look of pool surrounding. Proper fencing gives attractive look as well as provides safety measures. For fencing power, coated aluminium posts are also available for different colours. A wide selection of modern stainless steel posts of different shape and size are also available.

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