Getting Up Close To Amazing Dolphins  

by Pool Builders on 04-04-2009 in Articles

Dolphins have intrigued humankind for centuries. Their easygoing and social nature along with their extreme intelligence has earned them a soft spot with humans forever. Hollywood has even helped our fascination along with movies like Free Willy and television shows like Flipper that humanize them as we glance into their world. The pro football team, the Miami Dolphins, also keeps these majestic creatures in our minds.

A Bahamas dolphin encounter is a wonderful activity for a family vacation to the area. Several expert companies in two of the commonwealth's most active ports provide dolphin experiences that let you get up close to these incredible sea creatures. This article looks at three different options for an activity to remember.

Interacting With Dolphins

You'll get up close so you can interact with dolphins in Nassau during one of these encounters. You'll not only learn about them, but you'll also meet them in person. During a mini educational presentation, you'll learn about the habitats, anatomy, and habits of these gentle creatures. Then, you'll put your training to use as you jump in a pool to meet with dolphins.

You will interact with dolphins, swim just behind them, and let them lead you in the safe and monitored environment of the pool. These kinds of dolphin sanctuaries are set up perfectly for a Bahamas dolphin encounter. They even make these creatures comfortable in their home by providing them with plenty of amenities to ensure their happiness. This type of encounter is a great family activity regardless of age or skill in swimming.

Taking A Boat Ride

If you'll be closer to Freeport during your vacation than Nassau, you can still meet and greet dolphins on one of these encounters. Several companies in Freeport offer a Bahamas dolphin encounter perfect for those with an interest and a little extra time to spare.

After a twenty minute boat ride from Freeport, you'll arrive in a Nassau dolphin sanctuary where you'll jump in the pool with dolphins after a short educational and training presentation. You'll put your new training to use as you get up close with these beautiful creatures for an encounter to remember.

An Open Ocean Experience

If you're a certified and experienced diver, you can have an open ocean experience that takes you out into the open sea for some swimming with dolphins. Specially trained dolphins follow the dive boats used in these encounters out into the open ocean. Upon arriving at a specified location, you will jump in the water to swim with dolphins right there in the vast open ocean.

Getting into the water with these magnificent and gentle creatures will give you thrilling vacation memories for a lifetime.

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