Getting a Pool for Your Home  

by Pool Builders on 08-03-2009 in Articles

You own your home and if you live in Arizona the weather is hot and you would love to cool off in a new pool! This is very common in Arizona and many homes have swimming pools and if you do not but want one to enjoy you have several options.
In todays economy many pool builders are hungry and need the business so negotiating a price could very well work in your favor if you are ready to build a pool. Always price shop them and do not be afraid to tell each pool company what price you are getting from their competition. Be sure when you do this that you are comparing apples to apples because one pool company may not have their price with all the same features as the next.
Look at square foot and perimeter size of the pool, number of gallons it holds, how many square feet of cool decking is included, what type and size of pool pump, water features, the same number of feet for plumbing and electrical, type of plaster or Pebble Tec, tile and other features of the pool. Be sure it is all in writing and signed. The amount of electrical feet is important because if you hire someone and then they tell you that you need an additional ten or twenty feet of electrical this can change the price by a large amount.
Many pool companies are failing and closing their doors so do not pay before the work is done. At the very least; pay for each step of the job as they do the work. For example, once they have provided the blueprints then pay them for that portion, when the hole is dug then it is safe to pay for that. They may not agree to these terms but you have a huge risk if you pay fifty percent of the entire pool and your pool gets only a quarter of the way done and then they close their doors without finishing your pool.
Honestly, the least expensive and safest way to build a pool is to basically do it yourself. You can find a contractor that has sub contractors that they can bid each portion of the build to get you the best price. You will pay each sub contractor after the job is done. The only sub contractor that may ask for a fifty percent upfront and the rest when the job is done would be the shot crete part of the pool. One of the most expensive parts and they have a lot at risk if you do not pay as well. Building your own pool can be painless if you find the right person to oversee the jobs and make sure they are done with good quality and can literally save you thousands of dollars. A forty thousand dollar pool can literally be done for about twenty five to twenty eight thousand dollars and you save the big money.
The main reason for the savings is you are working around a pool company and their name and overhead, virtually cutting out the middle man. Not to worry about warranty as each sub contractor should be licensed and bonded and have to hold a warranty according to the contractors code.
Enjoy your summer pool!

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