Give Your Child Swimming Lessons - A True Gift for Life  

by Pool Builders on 12-09-2014 in Articles

Not many people know about the myriad benefits that their kids might gain after learning to swim! It is an art that everyone will cherish for their entire life, after all, who doesn't love spending a whole day splashing, paddling and wading? Swimming is a fun activity for not only kids, but their parents too. Encouraging your child how to swim at an early age can have myriad benefits for his/her safety and of course health. But the main question arises when to start teaching them? What could be the right age to teach him to safely take a dip? The answer lies here. Keeping in mind the level of their social and physical activity, go along with your young ones to a nearby indoor pool that offers professional swimming classes for kids and adults. This is not supposed to be the best exercise for your baby, but for you as well.

Institutes that offer professional swimming classes will help anyone in becoming confident and strong swimmers in the following:
Front Crawl

Most of the classes prefer to classify the candidates on the basis of skills, not age, in the four levels listed below:
Beginners: These people need to throw away their fear of drowning and develop some basic skills.
Intermediate: Focuses on alignment development, teaching ground rules of various stroke techniques and water skills. For e.g., if any child who can swim 10m without facing any sort of difficulty (read unassisted) on their front using a recognized breathing tactics and 5m unassisted on their back, will be trained under such swimming academies.
Development: Will improve the skills on the intermediate level and brush up the stroke techniques.
Advanced: The final thing to do is improve the stamina of the candidate and develop efficient and graceful swimming.
If you are not sure about which level you should start with, try consulting institutes that offer the facility for swimming for adults. Till now we are discussing a lot about a kid or an adult to know to how to swim, there are certain parameters that I believe should be followed kindly yet firmly while learning this fun activity-
Safety First: Never ever think of turning your back on someone at a beginner's level. Take necessary measures to teach them, but make sure they aren't depending on them all the time!
Be Prepared: There is a very famous quote that says, €Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.€ Always keep in mind a backup plan for learners of all ages and skill sets.
Use of Practical Skill Advancements: Break down the skills from easy to hard. At your swimming classes such things will be taken care off! As a parent, make sure your toddler is comfortable enough with what has been taught to him.
Educate Parents on the importance of swimming: Today, most of the couples assume that their child can swim alone once he/she has been trained. This is certainly not the case! Swimming classes for babies and adults assure to teach them to swim, not lifelong safety. Some might excel at the task, but not every kid is the same. So, supervise them while they are taking a dip. If necessary, you could even buy a flotation device, depending on the age of the swimmer.
Raising someone's spirits to do something worthy helps to a great extent in improving their emotional and mental health. Swimming will definitely help you in fighting depression and improve overall mood.

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