Give Your Swimming Pool a Complete Makeover With New Designer Above Ground Pool Liners  

by Pool Builders on 06-10-2009 in Articles

Perhaps by now you may have already caught wind of the new designer above ground pool liners and are wondering what the real scoop is. Can they really change the total look of your pool and even then how authentic is that look? After all, it is in the end a prefabricated above ground swimming pool.

The "Complete" Look Of Ceramic Tile

To start with, these new designer above ground pool liners achieve the look of tile or stone completely. Thats because the tiles and stones aren't printed on. Rather, they are molded into these new above ground pool liners, which makes all the difference.

Reach Out and Touch Them

Reach out and touch them to see for yourself. They are thick and raised just like real ceramic tile and even the rough and slightly recessed grout lines look just like real grout, so the total look is complete.

What About the Top Edge Of the Above Ground Pool?

"OK" you might be thinking. "What about the top edge of the above ground pool". "How can you pull this thing off with just an above ground pool liner when the top edge of the pool is glaringly evident"? After all it is an above ground pool.

Affordable and Easy To Install Above Ground Pool Decks

This is where the prefabricated above ground pool deck comes in. They are affordable and easy to install and the ride over the top edge of your above ground pool and completely conceal the sides as well. So the look is complete.

Check Out the Online Pictures and See For Yourself!

Check out the online pictures and see for yourself. Once the prefabricated wrap around deck is installed, all that is left for the eye to take in is deck, tile and water. So the end results will simply amaze your family and guests and the cost of it all will simply amaze you!

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