Glass Fence Around a Swimming Pool - Is It Safe?  

by Pool Builders on 06-07-2010 in Articles

There are many people concerned about safety of having glass around high exposure and high traffic areas such as swimming pools. Is it safe? Why glass? What happens if it breaks? How hard is it to break? These are just a few questions that people ask. And here are some answers.

Why glass? Glass fencing looks great and adds a lot of style to the swimming pool area. Instead of putting your backyard behind bars of a steel fence, glass opens the backyard wide open and actually makes it look bigger. Glass also lets people to see what happens on the other side of the fence. This is an important security benefit of such fencing.

Is it hard to break? Glass fencing material is manufactured according to Australian Standard AS2208 - Safety Glazing Materials in Buildings. This standard imposes strict guidelines on the glass manufacturers. The glass is strong enough to withstand a medium human impact and if it breaks, it breaks into a heap of small pieces that can then be easy cleaned away. These small glass pieces are normally harmful enough and do not cause any bodily damage. So, the glass is safe and if it breaks, the glass pieces are safe too.

Remember the days of shower curtains? What happened? Now everybody is replacing curtains with glass doors. If you have a swimming pool, why not install a glass fence. It will ad value and style to the property and it will be a pleasure to sped time around your pool.

If you already have a steel or alloy pool fence, the company that will be installing your new fence will normally be happy to remove the old fence at no charge. It's all about finding the right contractor who would go an extra mile to get your business. It pays to shop around for quotes to find the deal that is appropriate to your situation.

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